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Concept CAD was formed in 2005 following the withdrawal of Celestica from the UK printed circuit board design market. Paul Butterworth and Glenn Shiels, both senior engineers at Celestica, made the decision to continue supplying quality designs and products to the UK market. Initial investment was in the Cadence Expert toolset before 2008 saw further growth. Significant spending on both design staff and software immediately resulted in an increase in the number of licenses being purchased.

Years of high-end exposure to Cadence Allegro PCB design tools have given us the experience and know-how required to offer the highest level of service to our customers. Consistent, quality designs and a high level of customer care has earned Concept CAD a reputation as being one of the UKs PCB Design specialists.

Our investment in the full Allegro suite range of PCB design tools means we can provide services and features only offered by a small number of UK companies. It also enables us to design and control most aspects of circuit boards, both physical and electrical and our designers are experts in manually routing highly complex and complicated PCB designs.

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We provide a professional, high quality service to all of our customers, and our commitment to meeting deadlines is unsurpassed in the industry. Our highly flexible printed circuit board design service ensures that your layout is completed to your exact specifications with our specialist approach to providing a complete contract PCB layout service meaning that quality is assured.

We also make sure all design requirements are captured and documented before work begins, with all areas of our services audited upon project completion.

With locations in Nottingham, Manchester and Birmingham, and provision for on-site support anywhere in the UK, Concept CAD has the capacity to cope with the most demanding projects. Our engineers are available for anything from single day site visits to extended on site working. All have many years experience in PCB design and dealing directly with customers.

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Paul Butterworth


Over the past 30 years, Paul has worked in various Electronic roles, including manufacture, test and repair before moving in to the design office around 25 years ago. He worked in oil industry related electronics before joining Celestica as a contract PCB designer and finally co-founding Concept CAD with Glenn Shiels in 2005.

Glenn Shiels


Also, with over 30 years' experience in Electronics, Glenn has been designing circuit boards most of his professional life. With permanent positions at GEC Plessey Telecoms, Ericsson Mobile, and Apricot Computers before finally joining Celestica where he and Paul met.

Simon Harvey

Senior PCB Designer

Simon began his career assembling and modifying prototype PCBs at Apricot Computers over 30 years ago before taking a PCB design role, where he first met Glenn. He then moved onto Fujitsu Telecoms and then to Motorola Mobile Devices (Sendo) where he met Glenn again whilst he was working as a consultant. Following the closure of the Motorola facility we were delighted to offer him a position within our team.

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