Augmented reality headset Main PCB

December 5th, 2017

Our customer designs motor control PCBs, this project required a PCB capable of carrying various high currents. High voltages also required clearances between different voltage zones.


  • Devise a board construction that would not overheat or fail at the high operating currents
  • Ensure that the correct clearances are applied between different voltage areas


  • Liaise with board fabricators to establish maximum finished copper weights available, the resulting minimum copper track and gap
  • Calculate required copper width for each current rating, then duplicate high current nets over multiple layers with significant via stapling to ensure these conditions were met
  • Create a spacing net group per each voltage group then define the spacing required between each group

Outcome and Technologies

4 layer PCB with 2oz copper on all layers, external layers plated up to 8oz.


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