In recent years there has been a steadily growing trend towards the outsourcing of PCB design, there are many reasons for this including:

  • Insufficient internal demand to justify permanent layout engineers and software costs
  • Lack of expertise in complex PCB design
  • Insufficient capacity during peak periods

When the need to outsource arises, you need an expert PCB design service that can start your design with minimum fuss and delay. Concept CAD’s team of designers understand design requirements, so can get your layout underway as quickly as possible. Our ability to work on PCB layout on and/or offsite as required means that your layout is carried out in the most time and cost efficient way.

Our process driven layout ensures that all design requirements are captured upfront and where possible are incorporated in to the design rules and constraints, thus reducing the need for design rework later in the design process.

Using the industry leading Cadence Allegro toolset we can undertake the most complex board designs.

All of our PCB designers have the following expertise:

  • Design and package miniaturisation and working with very fine pitch devices.
  • Detailed understanding of high speed signalling techniques
  • Power delivery and integrity
  • Knowledge of current fabrication and assembly techniques

We have designed all types and styles of circuit boards from fine bitch BGAs with micro via to high current motor control PCBs. See our Case Studies page for examples of our designs


Our close working relationships with board fabrication and assembly houses allow us to offer a complete turnkey solution, from design, to delivery of complete assembled boards. Knowledge of each groups core competencies means that we can select the best fabrication and assembly team for your project.


We are able to create your schematic in Cadence OrCAD. This may be a requirement when schematics have been hand drawn on paper or if you have an existing schematic in a non-preferred format. However, we can import or convert most netlist formats.

Having the full suite of Allegro/OrCAD tools means that schematic components can be stored in our own or your CIS component database, thus ensuring consistency throughout the design and minimising errors in component definition.

“I would like to thank you for the excellent professional design service Concept CAD provided us in supporting our transition to the Cadence tool set. Your expert knowledge of the Cadence tools certainly helped us in the challenging task of moving the design team across to the new tools without seriously affecting the project time scales.

We now have the accolade of the first European team to fully transition to the Cadence tools completely in just a total of 6 months. We appreciate your efforts and acknowledge this would not have been possible without your expert help and guidance. Thank you.”

Richard J.Westoby, ECAD Manager, Motorola

“Concept CAD have been our major PCB Design partner for a number of years and have taken on a wide variety of boards . Concept CAD have demonstrated a high value add in terms of skill, experience and flexibility. I would not hesitate in using them again and would recommend them to anyone else seeking professional PCB design services.”

David Burch, Drawing Office Manager, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

“ConceptCAD have provided us with PCB layout services for over a decade supporting a wide range of designs including high-performance CPUs and sensitive RF circuits. They have helped us produce challenging new products with tight space and performance constraints. ConceptCAD have always been flexible and supportive including working closely with our engineers on-site when required”

Phil Morris, Waymont Consulting Ltd

“Concept CAD have done PCB design work for Nidec SR Drives for many years, across a variety of board applications. Working hard in conjunction with our engineers, a high quality layout is consistently produced. We find them professional and very easy to work with, considering our exacting needs; even on tight timeframes. Many thanks for all your efforts!”

Will Blue, Nidec SR Drives

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